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I’m Showing My True Colors
04/15/2009, 12:57pm04
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     Real Housewives of New York City used to be my favorite guilty pleasure but honestly the women are becoming just as embarrassing as the Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I have to say that I was originally proud of the New York City girls because, although they still embarrassed themselves quite frequently, they never seemed trashy.  They may say one or two things that make me cringe, but now the entire show is filled with moments that make me question: Why I am even watching this stupid show?

            For example the episode before the most recent one was devoted to a stupid and boring tennis match. It was anti-climactic and I was left angry that I sat through the whole episode. Even though last weeks episode was boring this week I held out hope that things would get better, but this one was terrible too. I can’t believe the producers of this show are actually choosing the parts that they are putting on air. I can’t imagine how boring the stuff they cut is.

            Now I am going to break down the housewives to give you an idea of each person. First, I would like to start out with Alex and Simon because although they are the most bizarre and pathetic “people” in the entire show; I don’t expect any sort of class from them, so they don’t bother me as much as they used to. They are like the weird kids in high school that kissed the popular kids ass. Although they are good for some comic relief, like the time they were laying in a kiddy pool in their back yard, in Brooklyn, talking about how they live the high life and then they cut to Ramona (another ‘house wife’) at her house in the Hamptons swimming in her gorgeous pool.

            Ramona is one of the house wives that I feel bad for because she is constantly embarrassing herself and her husband can be kind of an ass. I used to like him more but in the last few episodes he has seems like a jerk. Ramona seems like a nice person for the most part and I think most of the time she doesn’t realize she is saying something that she shouldn’t. But the best thing she did all season was tell Luanne her husband was old.

            Luanne is one of the worst housewives on the show. Or should I say the Countess is one of the worst housewives on the show. She really is out of control. She is this woman that married a ‘count’ who is fifteen years her senior and I’m pretty positive it was because of his title. They are actually getting a divorce now which is sad but not surprising because you never see him on the show. He is always “on business”. The worst part about the Luanne is that she is a super snob, not to be confused with a regular snob, a super snob is the worst of the snobs because she is not only a snob but she has no idea how snobby she really is. The best is when she does her “charity work” because she always makes it about herself. It was great when she asked a group of under privileged girls what they want to be when they grow up and one of them tells her that she wants to be model and Luanne asks the girl to stand up and then tells says: “well you still have time to grow and the weight will come right off.”(Did I mention that was part of a self esteem building exorcise?) And I’m positive she had no idea how rude that was. Also she is writing a book on class and honestly she is the least classy person on the entire show.

            I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say about the new housewife Kelly. Kelly took up residence in lala land and I’m not sure if she learned in science class that the world doesn’t revolve around her. The best episode is when she invites Bethany out for drinks, shows up an hour late and then doesn’t even say hi just goes completely crazy and tells her off. It was the best television I have ever seen. All I could think was: “Oh my God did she forget to take her tranquilizers today?”

            Bethany is one of the better “housewives” on the show. She isn’t really a housewife though. She is single and a chef. She is trying to build her own brand as a healthy chef. I like her for the most part although she can be just as catty as the rest of them. My number one problem with her is that, if she is trying to push off this healthy bullshit than she might actually want to look and be healthy. She is emaciated. I hate when people comment on other people’s bodies but she is promoting health and wellness and she doesn’t look healthy or well. Her face is sunken in. I would never buy a product from someone that has probably never sampled their own food.

            The last housewife is Jill. She is alright as well. I like her and Ramona probably equally because they both take their turns of being ridiculous and normal. I have two major problems with her: 1. She is way too materialistic. I know that is to be expected, but it is one thing to have money, it is another thing to try and flaunt your money everywhere you go. And it makes me have a hard time believing that she loves her husband for anything more than his money. 2. Her gay husband Brad. I have no problem with the gay husband aspect but Brad is like the biggest pain in the ass and he is rude to her. He redecorated her apartment in a Liberace theme and when she expressed a few things that she didn’t like he was like “I don’t care I love it.” If that was me I would tell him: “I don’t care if you like it. This is my apartment not yours. Get it out.”  I think Jill needs to divorce Brad and find a new gay husband.


(Okay I know this is blog #2 about a television show. And even worse another reality television show but what can I say? Now you know my true colors. I like trashy television. But let me defend myself by saying I don’t watch complete crap like “I Love Money”.)


The "Real" Housewives of New York City

The "Real" Housewives of New York City



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