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04/11/2009, 12:57pm04
Filed under: Rants and Raves

Okay, so if anyone hasn’t noticed I haven’t posted in a month and that is not because I have fallen off the face of the earth; it’s just because I got caught up in the whirlwind that is life. (I’m so profound.)  I have several excuses as to why this disappearance has accord, and though I’m sure no one cares, the kindergartener in me has to tell the teacher exactly why they have been bad. It is not because I wanted to be away it’s because the forces of nature (my excuses) have prevented me from doing so.


Excuse 1: The first reason I didn’t write was because I went to Fort Lauderdale to visit my parents, twin, and grandma over spring break. I know what everyone is thinking Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, why would you spend that with the senior crowd? (and I don’t mean college or high school) But the thing is A. my parents live there so it is kind of like going home for me and B. I have done Spring Break in Miami and Fort Lauderdale before. And although it seemed exciting at the time, for whatever reason getting wasted and hooking up with random guys has lost its luster. (By hook up I mean make-out. A. I’m not trying to get STD’s and B. I don’t roll that way.)

            The visit was great all I did was hang out by the pool and make home made pizza’s, in my dad’s new pride and joy, the outdoor brick oven. I also had a lovely pre-St. Patty’s day celebration with my family. My mom made corn beef and cabbage, which is okay but I’m not crazy about corn beef or cabbage to be honest. What I do like is her Irish soda bread which is amazing. I could eat a loaf of it every day and be a plump and happy girl.


Excuse 2: School work. Being a full time student is hard! It’s not really the work that is hard but finding the motivation and focus to do the work can be exhausting. I am in a lot of creative writing classes so it is hard to keep up with all of that writing and start writing here. Did I mention I also keep a journal which I try to write in every day, on top of everything else? Writing is my therapy and I really love it so I shouldn’t complain, but I’m just saying there is my reason number 2.


Excuse 3:  My boyfriend, best friend, and cousin have come to live in the city of Philadelphia. Yes, I have been ditching my blog for human interaction. I am guilty and I feel really bad about it. But sometime you just need some time to realize how much you love something and now that I’m back together with my blog life is good.


So Look forward to more posts and more regular love from Mary Mary Quite Contrary!







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