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Let It Snow!
03/04/2009, 12:57am03
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       My schedule has been all mixed up lately. I was supposed to be in Kingston Jamaica this week with my parents and a group of people that we go down with to help in the ghettos there. But of course because I have the worst luck last Monday (2/23) I realized that my school spring break wasn’t this week but next week. (Mind you I was supposed to fly out this past Thursday 2/ 26.) Alas my mother and I are equally scatter brained and guilty for the date mix up. As a result of this mix up I am sitting in my living room baring 11 degree weather and ice.

            Now I know everyone in the north east is reading this and saying tuff we are dealing with it and so should you! The part of me that is a spoiled brat is screaming I don’t care I want to be warm. But the new adult side of me is saying there are some hidden blessings to be had in this mix up.

            I think my biggest blessing and curse has been the snow and the icy weather. I had my first official “snow day” since high school and it was a really nice experience. It took me down memory lane and allowed me to think of all of the snow days of my past.

My high school years had very few snow days; there were delayed openings and early dismissals but never really any snow days. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t cut all the time under the guise of “my mom thinks it’s too dangerous for me to drive so far in this weather”. Mind you I had a forty-five minute drive to school, so my lie was not only believable but justified.)  Other than cutting school my only other high school “snow day” memory was my senior year when my ex-boyfriend had slept over my house (on the couch downstairs of course) because my mom was scared he would get hurt driving in the snowy weather. It turned out to be beneficial for me because I forced him to do all of the snow shoveling. Let me tell you that is the only fond thing I remember about that relationship besides his amazing family. The year I went out with him I barely did anything that involved heavy lifting and I loved it. (That’s probably the only reason I stayed with him so long. I know I am a terrible person but that was years ago I would never do that now. Or at least not admit to it for a few more years.) Anyway the main point to this story is that when I bent over to clean the snow off my dog, Buster, my mom saw my new tattoo. I had maybe gotten it three weeks before and had successfully hidden it from her up until then. She was actually more understanding than I thought she would have been but I think that she didn’t freak out too much because it is so teeny tiny.

My tattoo is on the left side of my lower back and says “La Vita Bella.”  I am happy I did it although I will never get another one and I forget I have one all of the time.

I spent my present snow day in my flannel “Christmas pajamas”. (My mom buys everyone in my family coordinating pajama’s every Christmas eve.) I filled my day with writing, homework, and movies.  I also had many cups of tea and hot chocolate. It was the perfect snow day minus my mom and a fireplace but you can’t have it all.  It was kind of special to see all of that snow fill the street and blanket the cars.

I spent about a half an hour cleaning off my car and it brought me back to a snow day of my past that happened so long ago that I am not sure I was in school full time yet.  When I was little we had this huge blizzard the week that my mom was having her annual Saint Patty’s Day party. At the time I was about four or five and I was determined to save the party! So I put on my neon pink snow suit complete with neon yellow writing and hit the drive way armored with the best snow tools that I could think of, my sand shovel and bucket left over from the summer. Originally my enthusiasm inspired my siblings to join me. But after about an hour they were over it. I lasted maybe twenty minutes more but at the time I felt like I had been there for ages. The party was still cancelled but I always think of that day when it snows.

Today however did not create such fond memories of snow. Driving in snowy weather isn’t fun to begin with so driving on the unplowed streets of Philadelphia is like being in hydroplane city. But my car wasn’t the only thing that went slipping and sliding all over the place. As I was walking through my school cafeteria to get a snack my boots slid on excess water and I legit did a split in the middle of the cafeteria. Like the graceful lady that I am I flipped a table over and landed so hard on my right side that I have a huge bruise on it.  I was so mortified I just wanted to die and the girl whose table I knocked over was like “Oh my God are you okay?!”  I barely acknowledged her I just quickly recovered and made a dash for the door.

So although it has been a rough day and missing out on going to Kingston is upsetting I will be going to South Florida next week. Therefore I have decided I am lucky because the harsh weather that I endure this week will help me appreciate the 80 degree weather I will enjoy next week!

I hope everyone enjoys the last of the winter weather because the spring is coming very soon!!!





clever snow art

clever snow art

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