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03/02/2009, 12:57am03
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First Book

            Imagine if someone asked you to sum up your life in six words, could you do it? My fresh selection for this week was inspired by a speaking engagement that I attended, given by the man who founded SMITH Magazine. SMITH is an internet magazine that was created to take publishing into the future, relying heavily on people getting involved.

        It has been wildly successful and the website has also launched two different books the “Six Word Memoirs” and “Six Word Memoirs, Sex and Heartbreak.” The books are quite successful as well. Both the books and the magazine rely on their reader’s involvement, which I not only find clever but also scientifically proven for success. I learned in psychology that employees do better work if you make them feel like their opinion matters. So basically if the readers are the writers there opinion is obviously considered important because the magazine depends on them, i.e. success!

      Smith Magazine is my fresh selection because you get a chance to share your story in many different ways and if baring your soul to the world isn’t your thing you can find comfort to look through other peoples experiences and identify with one of them. I think it’s also really cool because it gets out one of my core beliefs, which is that we are all the same and connected in one way or another.

Six Word Memoirs Love and Heartbreak Addition





P.S. Check it out at!

P.P.S. One six word memoir that I came up with is:

            I couldn’t even make this up…

I challenge you to try some! It’s really fun and there are no rules to it! I would love to hear some of yours so post it on my comments if you want!


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