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02/27/2009, 12:57pm02
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          Swallow is one of the most interesting restaurants I have ever been to. I go to dinner with my friend *Ben as often as I possibly can. *Ben is up on everything that is going on in Philadelphia and pretty much all other areas of pop culture. So I am always learning about something new and interesting when I see him. One night when we were going to get a bite he suggested this place called Swallow.

            Swallow serves only macaroni and cheese which would sound boring but these people took Mac N Cheese outside the box and I went for it. Swallow’s food hit out of the park. The menu doesn’t feel limited although there is only one form of food to choose from. I think that is a feat all unto itself. There are plenty of choices and there are two options for portion size. I have gotten the small both times I have gone there and it is very filling. I actually took some of my food home when I went last night.

           You can “build your own” by picking from any two cheeses and you can add three mix ins for two or three dollars extra depending on what size you get. The choices are endless and it doesn’t matter if you get all meat in your pasta or veggies. I love that they don’t nickel and dime you like most places. It is very reasonably priced and if you get a large mac n cheese you can get a free beer.



       Swallow is also really well decorated. The color scheme is a mix of purple, red, magenta, and black. I would have never thought to pair all of those colors together but it really works. The owners paid attention to every detail that goes into a restaurant which I really appreciated because a lot of small places don’t.

The staff was very friendly and the outside walls to the kitchen are glass so you can see right in. I think that is very bold because I have worked in restaurants and although they have all been clean the kitchens can sometimes be a war zone. That is definitely not the case at Swallow. The kitchen is not only pristine but the workers will wave to you while you are passing.

My last word this food is worth swallowing.






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